44 Things You Should Know Before You Retire

"Over the years, we have witnessed many lost opportunities that cannot be recaptured. Though it can be tempting to defer this planning, we feel it is critical to make the most of your financial options before it is too late."

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Have you been asking yourself questions about when you should retire and what you need to do before you do?

If you're part of the millions of Americans who are asking the same questions about planning for retirement, you're not alone.

Our clients have asked us the same questions for years, so we've gathered the most frequently asked questions about planning for retirement and answered them in this FREE downloadable booklet.

Get answers to your retirement planning questions related to:

  • Retirement Income
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Plans
  • Tax Minimization
  • Investment Management
  • Health Care in Retirement
  • Estate Planning

Learn strategies designed to minimize taxes in retirement, project income, maximize your Social Security benefits, and identify considerations when determining your ideal date for taking Social Security benefits. 

You'll also get helpful tips on different retirement plans to contribute to now that may provide tax efficiency in retirement, understanding your investment costs, charitable giving, health care insurance in retirement, and estate planning.

Don't wait to get your questions answered. Plus, you'll find a lot more resources available inside the booklet!

Get started with this free booklet, and get started planning the retirement you envision.

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  • How can I project how much income I will have available in retirement?
  • When should I start taking my Social Security benefits?
  • Will Social Security be there for me throughout my retirement years?
  • What are five strategies I can use now to minimize taxes?
  • What can I do to minimize health insurance costs before Medicare at age 65?
  • What are the key ingredients for a successful estate plan?

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